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Within the frame of the International Virtual Academic Collaboration Project DAAD, led by the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, three online modules on Children's Rights are offered by a consortium of international partner universites from across Australia, Europe and Latin America.

Modules will be offered from autumn 2021 to spring 2022.

The modules can be studied completely online. For those students who are available and interested, we are offering an Introductory Summer School in Potsdam, Germany from August 25th to September 3rd, 2021.

The modules are offered as a part of Children's Rights study programmes at the partner universities. They are open to students in general, depending on availability of places.

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The development of the modules is underway. Partners have assumed responsibility for the individual modules and are structuring the different sessions of the modules. The modules will be offered via MS Teams in order to make sure that all attendees/students have access to all parts of the modules. Each student will set up his or her own e-portfolio for documentation of their learning progress as part of the modules themselves.

Our modules are open to anyone who is interested in the topics .  

Eligibility Criteria: 

-First academic degree (BA or equivalent) 
-Proof of English language knowledge (C1 or equivalent) 

Enrollment Options:
  There are two options for enrolling (either way, you will be enrolled via the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, the coordinating institution)

-You are studying at one of our partner universities (a course in children's rights/related to children's rights) 
-You would like to enroll in one or more modules independent of whether you are studying already or would like to learn more about the module topics .

Option 1:   Please talk to the coordinator/director/leader of your programme who will give you more information and organize your participation (no additional fees).   

Option 2:   Please send an enrollment request to including a copy of your former university degree and proof of your English language competency (if you have not taken a formal exam, you may be able to prove your competency via confirmations of studying/working in an English speaking setting). In this case, please add a confirmation from your employer/university). 

In addition, please send a motivational letter including the incentive to study the module(s) and your expectations.   

Costs/Fees:  For each module, the cost is 1.250€; if you opt to study more than one module, the fees are reduced to 990€/module; the fee is payable upfront.

Credit Points (CP)/ European Credit Transfer System (ECTS): Upon successful completion of the module (incl. final exam) a certificate will be issued, stating the attained credit points. These can be acknowledged in the frame of the study programme you are enrolled in (Option 1) or in further studies you may enroll in later (Option 2).
*For Option 2, please enquire at the respective university about acknowledgement.      

Deadline for registering/applying: June 30, annually 

Children's Rights Modules

Webinar Series

Due to COVID-19 measures the in-person meeting is provisional – please check this website for continuous updates.

In anticipation of this full-scale provision, we offered a bi-weekly online webinar series from November 2020 to May 2021:

Children's Rights as Cross Cutting International Field of Study and Action
See our webinar archive

Impressions on the MACR - CRS Online Summer School

The CRS Online (Children's Rights Studies Online) Summer School took place at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany from August 25th to September 3rd, 2021 with prospective and current MA & PhD students from Potsdam and the partner universities. It was offered as blended learning, with digital presentations and live seminars.

The Summer School was a great opportunity to meet many students from partner universities, including from Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland; Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal; University Babes-Bolyai, Cluj Napoca, Romania; Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile and Warsaw University, Poland. In addition, several international students who will be starting the MACR at FHP this October, were able to participate.

Although the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic did not allow for all students and teachers to participate in person, we did find a good form for hybrid delivery and are happy that we could include and engage with so many different individuals from across the globe.

-In a first Workshop: "Power relations between children and adults. A critical (self-) reflection on adultism", we discussed personal experiences in relation to power imbalances between adults and children, and the adultist societies we are living in.

-Our colleague from Universidad de Cuyo in Mendoza Argentina, Mgr. Claudia Yarza, together with Prof. Dr. Manfred Liebel from University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam, led through the second lecture day of reflection on our knowledge production practices and the "Epistemologies of Children's Rights Studies", with a special focus on "Epistemologies of the South".

-On the third lecture day, basics in Children's Rights were taught and discussed by our partners. Prof. PhD. Habil. Mihai Bogdan Iovu from University Babes-Bolyai, who was able to attend the Summer School in person and Dr. Noam Peleg from University New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in a night session via our videoconferencing tools.

-On the last lecture day we touched on "Ethics in Research with Children" with Prof. Dr. Natália Fernandes from Universidade do Minho, Portugal and Univ.-Prof.Dr. Urszula Markowska-Manista from University of Warsaw, Poland.

We also had a tour to "Postcolonial Potsdam", shedding light on Germany's and particularly Prussia's colonial past walking through the famous Park Sanssouci. An eye opener in many aspects.

We are looking forward to continuing cooperation with our partners and hope we can keep on meeting personally in the coming months... It was such a pleasure to be together!

Rebecca Budde, Sept. 2021

An Impression of our Summer School 2021

Our Partners

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